Musiques composées
à la Mémoire des Victimes du Camp de Terezin
Copyright © 1999-2013



 Peter Ablinger
La fleur de Terezin
Monolith I und II pour Trombonne et 12 Lecteurs de Cassettes
Roland Dahinden  (Trombonne)
WERKE 89-91
Klangschnitte 4 - Momente Neuer Musik



I Never Saw Another Butterfly

Based on the play by Celeste Raspanti
Book and lyrics by Joseph Robinette
Music by E.A. Alexander

Dramatic Publishing I03
ISBN : 1-58342-411-3



Sylvie Bodorova
Terezin Ghetto Requiem
pour Baryton et Quatuor à cordes
2-Dies irae
3-Libera me
Ivan Kusnjer (baritone)
Stampa Quartet 
rec. 21. 1. 98 in Rudolfino [16.30]
Nigel Cliffe - baritone
Martinu Quartet
Lubomír Havlak
Petr Matejak
Jan Jisa
Jitka Vlasankova
Arco Diva UP 0052-2131
Never Broken
Christopheren Nomura, Baritone
Skamp String Quartet
Center Stage Records



Jeanie Brindley-Barnett
Song cycle "Butterfly Songs"

Basé sur le livre "I Never Saw Another Butterfly," une collection de dessins et de poèmes exécutés par des enfants emprisonés au camp de concentration de Terezín entre 1942 to 1944.
Adar Music Ltd



Doug Brock
K. L.
"The Fortresses of Terezin"
STUDIO-B Ensemble



Ich hab' kein scharfes Messer 
 Gerhard Bronner
Der Schmetterling
(Poem by Pavel Friedman)
Anita Ammersfeld (voix) 
Gerhard Bronner (piano)
AEJ Music CD E1718



Arrivée au Ghetto de Terezin
Bob Cobert
War and Remembrance

(original television soundtrack)
Theresienstadt, "The Paradise Ghetto"
CD Mediatrax MIR 001
CD Dureco 11 52082
CD MPI 7531



Jean-René Combes-Damien Ilse Weber
Jean-René Combes-Damien
... Ist der Friede gekommen
pour baryton et quatuor à cordes
sur des poèmes de Ilse Weber
  • Abenlied (Chant du soir)
  • Mutter (Mère)
  • Und der Regen rinnt... (Et la pluie s'écoule)
  • Vor dem Einschlafen (Avant de s'endormir)
  • Kleines Wiegenlied (Petite berceuse)
  • (2003)
    Pierre-Yves Pruvot, baryton
    Quatuor Manfred
    Marie Béreau, violon
    Luigi Vecchioni, violon
    Vinciane Béranger, alto
    Christian Wolff, violoncelle
    Musiques En Voûtes 2003
    Hommage aux compositeurs de Theresienstadt



    A Time of Remembrance Many Voices Vol.2
    One World CD 04
    Nos 2 - 6
    Robert Convery
    Songs of Children
    1. The Garden
    2. At Terezin
    3. On a Sunny Evening
    4. The Little Mouse
    5. Terezin
    6. The Closed Town
    7. Terezin

    8. Interlude
    9. Birdsong
    10. To Olga
    Lawrence University Concert Choir
    Richard Bjella, conductor



    Charles Davidson
    I never saw another butterfly
    pour choeur et piano
    (Orchestration Donald Fraser)
    Sur des Poèmes des enfants de Terezin
    1. I Never Saw...Butterfly, Prologue
    2. Preludium - Night In The Ghetto
    3. It All Depends On How You...(Kosek, Miroslav (1932-1944))
    4. At Terezin (unknown)
    5. Man Proposes God Disposes (Kosek, M/ H. Lowy, Bachner)
    6. Terezin (unknown)
    7. We Got Used To Standing In Line (Fishl, Petr (1929-1944))
    8. I Never Saw Another Butterfly (Pavel Friedmann)
    9. The Garden (Bass, Franta (1930-1944))
    10. The Little Mouse (Kosek, M., H. Lowy, Bachner)
    11. On A Sunny Evening (unknown)
    12. I'd Like To Go Alone (Snykova, Alena (b.1926))
    13. Homesick (unknown)
    14. Terezin (Hachenberg, Hanus (1929-1943))
    15. Yes That's The Way Things Are (Kosek, M., H. Lowy, Bachner)
    16. Birdsong (unknown)
    San Francisco Girls Chorus
    Paul J. Sharon
    Dwight Okamura, piano
    Todd Manley, percussion
    Songs of the Twentieth Century (1996)
    SFGC 9601
    The American Boychoir
    American Symphony Orchestra
    James Litton, conductor
    Columbus Boychoir of Princeton
    Donald Hanson
    LP Ashbourne CBP DB 6174
    3. It All Depends On How You Look At It
    5. Man Proposes, God Disposes
    6. Terezin
    8. The Butterfly
    9. The Garden
    10. The Little Mouse
    11. On A Sunny Evening
    15. Yes, That's The Way Things Are
    16. Birdsong
    Music Masters 7049-2-C
    Musical Heritage Society MHS 512514T
    Musical Heritage Society MHC 312514Y
    The Journey of Butterfly VHS TH006
    The Legacy VHS TH007
    Directed by Robert E. Frye
    October 1991
    Young Voices of Melbourne
    Mark O'Leary
    Julie Piggin & Marion Stafford, piano
    YVM - Y2K (2000)
    Choral Series CD 850
    Inscription of Hope
    Northwest Girlchoir
    Rebecca Rottsolk (dir)
    Nos 8, 11, 16
    Arsis Audio CD 109
    Milken Archive
    Naxos 8.559451
    à paraître
    Marta Topferova
    The Seattle Girls' Choir
    Dr. Jerome Wright, conductor
    Mark Custom Records 1840-MCD
    No. 8 The Butterfly, No. 9 The Garden
    2002 - CHICAGO
    Mark Custom Records 4061-MCD
    Beth Abraham Youth Chorale
    Jerome B. Kopmar, Dir. 
    Irene Beeler, piano acc.
    Ashbourne Records ARC 1576
    Songs of our Past
    Marilyn Krimm, Soprano
    Nancy Hodge, piano
    No 8
    Ann Arbor Hadassah K 7301


    Un Opéra pour Terezin
    Liliane Atlan
    Musique originale
    Marc-Olivier Dupin et Michaël Lévinas

    Bruitage : Louis Amiel
    Réalisation : Christine Bernard-Sugy
    Enregistré en public et en direct du festival de Radio France et de Montpellier en juillet 1989
    : Laurence Bourdil, Caroline Chaniolleau, Jean-Yves Chatelais, Christine Gagnieux, Jacques Harde, Valérie Lacombe, Jean Lescot, Laurent Lévy, Alain Libolt, Isabelle Mazin, Geneviève Mnich, Mouss, Jean-Gabriel Nordmann, Richard Rimbaud, Josiane Stoléru, Viviane Théophilidès, Guillaume de Tonquédec
    L'Avant Scène Théâtre N° 1007/1008
    Avril 1997


    Deutschen Komponistenverbandes
    (German Association of Composers)
    A Monument in Sound
    for the Victims of the Holocaust 
    Twenty six Variations for String Quartet
    on a theme of a song by Coco Schumann
    "United Strings" string quartet
    The International Music Company


    Music by Joel Derfner
    Book by Peter Ullian
    Lyrics by Len Schiff

    Terezin Cast List

    Kurt, a cabaret singer
    Simon, a philosophy student
    Hannah, an art student
    Berta, a nurse and convert to Christianity
    Lorelei, age 16
    Wolfgang, her brother, age 10
    Simcha and Jacob, their grandparents
    Heindel and Rahm, two Nazi officers
    (Ensemble plays various other roles)

    Terezin (A Musical)

    So Much Life
    Signs of Life
    Home Again Soon
    A City for the Jews
    To Make A Man
    I Will Forget
    Find A Way To Live


    Ellwood Derr
    I never saw another butterfly
    pour saxophone, piano et soprano
    1. Prologue: Terezin
    2. The Butterfly
    3. The Old Man
    4. Fear
    5. The Garden
    Related characters
    James March (Piano)
    Bill Perconti (Alto Saxophone)
    Martha Sheil (Soprano)
    Centaur 2345
    Laughter & Tears : A Jewish Saga
    Ivan Rosenblum (Piano)
    Dale Wolford (Alto Saxophone)
    Kathleen Nitz (Soprano)
    Centaur 2521



    Martin Ellerby (b. 1957)
    Epitaph VII: Memento (Terezin)
    I. The Closed Town
    II. Arbeit
    III. The Silent Hunger
    IV. Fear
    V. The Butterfly
    VI. Tears
    VII. The Deportation Train
    VIII. Forgotten
    IX. To Olga …
    British Clarinet Quintets
    Naxos 9.70122

    Linda Merrick,Clarinet
    Navarra Quartet


    1. Terezin 1
    2. It All Depends
    3. How Long?
    4. When Israel Was a Child
    5. I Am a Jew
    6. Arise My Love
    7. The Garden
    8. Hark, the Cry
    9. Who Has Believed
    10. Birdsong 1
    11. For Zion's Sake
    12. On a Sunny Evening
    13. Finale
    Ruth Fazal
    Oratorio Terezin
    for orchestra, children’s choir, adult choir, 
    and three vocal soloists
    Daniel Lichti, Teresa Gomez, Huw Priday
    Members of Toronto orchestras
    Conductor, Kirk Trevor
    George Weston Hall. Toronto Centre for the Arts
    World Premiere 2002, November 1st
    CD (+ DVD / Vidéo) Tributary Music

    1. The Butterfly
    2. The Little Mouse
    3. Man Proposes, God Disposes
    4. A Letter to Daddy
    5. Birdsong
    6. The Forgotten
    7. View from the Coffee House
    8. Five
    9. Carry Me Back to Old Virginny (James Bland)
    10. With You Mother / Faith of Nothing / Hatikvah
    John Federico
    Innocent Voices
    The Verse of Terezin's Children
    Lost Planet Records W CD 1897

    Lubos Fiser
    (30 Septembre 1935, Prague - 22 Juin 1999, Ebenda)
    Sonata  for Solo Violin
    'In Memoriam Terezin'
    Viktor Kuna
    MULTISONIC 31-0213-2 Music At The Edge Of Life
    Theater of the Riverside Church
    Sunday, October 22, 2000

    Lisa Glatzer Shenson
    The Last Butterfly (Pavel Friedman)
    The Complete NFTY Recordings 1972-1989
    Transcontinental Music 950103


     At Terezin - poem by Teddy
    Original Music by Stephen Freedman
    Childhood Memories
    A Choral Dramatization of the Holocaust
    Vogt Quality Recordings CSRV 2671
    Original 1980 stereo  LP custom pressing
    Temple Isaiah Makhelah
    Lexington, Massachusetts


    Srul Iirving Glick

    I Never Saw Another Butterfly
    1. The Butterfly (Der Schmetterling) by Pavel Friedmann 
    2. To Olga (An Olga) by Alena Synkova, (b.1926 - ?)
    3. Yes That's The Way Things Are (Ja, Ja so ist's) by M. Kosek, Bachner H. Lowy
    4. The Little Mouse (Das Mäuschen) by M. Kosek, Bachner H. Lowy
    5. On A Sunny Evening (An einem sonnigen Abend)
    6. Fear (Die Angst) by Eva Pickova (1929-1942) 
    7. We Got Used To Standing In Line (Wir Haben Uns Daran Gewöhnt) by Petr Fishl (1929-1944) 
    Maureen Forrester, contralto
    John Newmark piano
    CBC SM-77
    Anthologie de la Musique
    Canadienne Vol. 34 (4 CDs)
    Select CC 15037
    Der Letzte Schmetterling
    Ruth Frenk, mezzo-soprano
    Karin Strehlow, piano
    Erasmus 037
    Avril 1994
    Nina Kaleska Recital 
    Congregation Adath Jeshurun Publisher
    Live Recording Cassette
    Nina Kaleska, soprano
    Gertrude Flor, piano
    We are children just the same
    1. The Thaw 
     2. Would You Care For Dessert? 
     3. My Country 
     4. View From The Coffee House
     5. With You, Mother 
    I never saw another butterfly
    4. The little mouse
    5. On a sunny evening
    Maureen Forrester, contralto
    John Newmark, piano
    I Never Saw Another Butterfly
    Maureen Forrester, contralto
    John Newmark piano
    Valerie Siren (Soprano) 
     Cecilia Ignatieff (Piano) 
     Grigory Goldberg (Cello)
    Toward the Sun
    Doremi 71136
    Octobre 2000
    Hart House, University of Toronto
    CAPAC QCS 1194 - Portrait (7")
    Canadian Composers Portraits
    CMC CD 11606

    2006 Centrediscs / Centredisques

    Anthony GLISE

    Anthony Glise
    (17 Janvier 1956, St. Joseph, Missouri, USA)
    Messe pour les enfants
    pour orchestre de chambre , choeur et récitants

    Poème de Franta Bass
    (après le Kyrie)
    Le jardin
    Renaud Prouvez, récitant
    Jean-François Droulez, direction
    Eglise St Lambert de Wattignes
    20 Mars 2005



    Osvaldo Golijov (1960-)
    Yiddishbbuk, inscriptions for string quartet
     Mvt. 1  D.W. (1932-1944) / F.B.(1930-1944) / T.K. (1934-1943)
    (Enfants ayant péri à Terezin)
    Emi Classics 7243 557356 2
    Juin 2002

    Joel M. Hardyk
    I Never Saw Another Butterfly

    1. At Terezin - poem by Teddy
    2. I'd like to go Alone - Alena Synkova *
    3. The Little Mouse -Kosek/Lowy/Bachner
    4. The Garden - poem by Franta Bass *
    5. The Butterfly - poem by Friedmann

    Voices and Light
    University of Miami Chorale
    Jo-Michael Scheibe (Direction)
    Robert Gower (Piano)
    Albany 215
    * non inclus dans le CD
    How To Remember?
    Holocaust Memorial Concert
    Mount Holyoke Glee Club & Chamber Singers
    Rutger's University Men's Glee Club
    Catharine Melhorn (Conductor)
    Gary Steigerwalt, piano
    Harrison Digital Productions (HDP)
    Saturday November 8, 1997
    Abbey Memorial Chapel



    Marjan Helms
    Terezin Lieder

    Settings of poetry written by children interred at the Terezin Concentration Camp
    1. Tears
    2. On A Sunny Evening
    3. To Olga

    Songs of Sorrow, Songs of Hope
    Mary Alice Stollak, conductor
    Georgia Fragale, piano
    The Community Music School Chamber Orchestra




    Lee Holdridge Catalogue de l'exposition du Musée d'Art et d'Histoire du Judaïsme

    The Story of Friedl Dicker Brandeis

    Lee Holdridge
    Unlikely Heroes
    (Musique de film documentaire)
    Moriah Films of the Simon Wiesenthal Center
    DVD Koch Lorber Films
    An Honorable Woman Friedl Dicker Brandeis
    1. The Artist
     2. Friedl
    3. She Was Different
    4. She Made us Forget
    (30 Juillet 1898, Vienne, peintre, internée à Térézin, assassinée à Birkenau le 9 Octobre 1944)
    Citadel STC 77136
    Philharmonia Orchestra of London



    Mary Ann Joyce-Walter
    Cantata for the Children of Terezin for SATB, orchestra and children's choir
    1. Transports 5:30 A.M.
    2. Home
    3. Birdsong
    4. A Little Mouse
    5. A Little Garden
    6. A Little Song Without Words
    7. The Rose
    8. Evening Transports
    9. Someday

    Ravello RR7845
    Kiev King Singers Choir
    Kiev Philharmonic Orchestra
    Oxnaya Oleskaya, soprano
    July 2012



    Michael  Karmon
    I never saw another butterfly

    Song cycle  for Soprano and Piano
    (Mikyfur Publishing)
    US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington


    The Last Butterfly
    Lullaby at Ponar
    It Burns

    Transcontinental Music Publications 991356

    Ruined People
    To Olga
    The Garden

    Transcontinental Music Publications 991329

    Gershon Kingsley
    (1922- )

    The Last Butterfly
    Larry Zimmerman

    To Olga
    Paulina Stark, soprano
    Robert Stern, piano
    Nadine Shank, piano

    I Have Taken An Oath To Remember
    Art Songs of the Holocaust
    Transcontinental Music Publications 950094



    Gershon Kingsley (1922- )
    Voices From The Shadow (1997)
    6. Ich möchte gerne ... (Erika Taube)
    8. Theresienstädter Kinderreim (Ilse Weber)
    10. The butterfly (Pavel Friedman)
    17. Maj 1945 (Dagmar Hiarova)
    Amy Goldstein and Mary Catherine George, sopranos
    Matthew Walley, tenor
    Larry Picard, baritone
    Derek Bermel, clarinet
    Jorge Avila, violin
    Robin Zeh, violin
    Liuh-Wen Ting, viola
    Sara Hewitt-Roth, cello
    Milton Granger, piano
    Gershon Kingsley, conductor
    Naxos 8.559435



    William Kraft
    Songs of Flowers, Bells & Death
    Contextures II
    The Final Beast for soprano, tenor, chorus, orchestra, chamber ensemble
    Andrew Busher, Tenor
    Sarah Eyden, Soprano
    New London Children's Choir
    Ensemble Lontano
    Odaline de la Martinez
    Franta Bass (1930-44) - "The Garden"
    Albany Records TROY 415



    Terezin Suite
    Ineluctable Modalities
    Music by Brian Kruman
    Lyrics Adapted from the book :  I NEVER SAW ANOTHER BUTTERFLY
    Produced & Arranged by Brian Kruman



    Lori Laitman
    Albany  0393
    Soprano et Saxophone
    Lauren Wagner (Soprano)
    Gary Louie (Saxophone)
    Naxos 8.570119
    Soprano et Clarinet
    Maureen McKay (Soprano)
    Laura DeLuca (Clarinet)
    Music Of Remembrance Production
    7 Mai 2006
    Signum Records 276
    Soprano et Piano
    Hila Plitmann (Soprano)
    Christopher Glynn (Piano)
    The Ancient Question
    ...A Voyage Through Jewish Songs
    5 décembre 2011
    Naxos 8559685 - American Classics
    Angela Niederloh, mezzo-soprano
    Ross Hauck, ténor
    The Northwest Boychoir
    Music of Remembrance
    Mina Miller, piano & direction
    I never saw another butterfly
    Six-song cycle for soprano and saxophone or Piano or Clarinet or Bassoon

    1. "The Butterfly", Poème de Pavel Friedmann
    2. "Yes, That's the Way Things Are", Poème de Koleba
    3. "Birdsong", Poème Anonyme
    4. "The Garden" , Poème de Franta Bass
    5. "Man Proposes, God Disposes", Poème de Koleba
    6. "The Old House", Poème de Franta Bass
    Holocaust oratorio, Vedem. Vedem, which translates to “in the lead” was the name of the secret magazine “published” by the boys of Terezin between 1942 and 1944. David Mason has created a brilliant libretto which tells the tale of these boys, and Lori is interweaving Dave’s libretto with seven of the poems from the magazine. The poems are by Petr Ginz, Hanus Hachenburg, Zdenek Ornest, and Josef Taussig. Ornest was the only one to survive the war, and he died in 1966.

    Thomas Oboe Lee
    I Never Saw Another Butterfly Op. 49 (1991)
    Commissioned by Amnesty International USA
    Five Poems by the children of the Terezín Concentration Camp, 1942-44 
             D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano 
    Chester Bresniak, Bb clarinet 
    David Witten, piano 
    19 Mai 1991
    First & Second Church, Boston, MA

    The Flowers of Terezín Opus 110 (2004) for children's chorus - SSA chorus, piano
    The Danville Children’s Choir
    The Girls Choir and Boys of the Choir of Men and Boys
    Christ Church Cathedral, Lexington, Kentucky
    John Cummins, Choirmaster

    Dietrich Lohff
    Requiem für einen polnischen Jungen
    BM 141445

    Meissner Kantorei
    Sinfonietta de Dresde
    Christfried Brödel
    Enregistrement de la première représentation à le 08.11.1998
    1. Totengebet - Georg Kafka


    Gideon Lewensohn (born 1954)
    Odradek Quartet
    Mahler And Kafka In Terezin - A Preview
    Quatuor Auryn
    ECM New Series 1781 461861-2

    I Never Saw Another Butterfly - Rita Blitt
    Ruth Lomon
    Songs of Remembrance
    Composer's Recording Inc. CRI 887
    Jayne West, soprano
     Pamela Dellal, mezzo soprano
     Frank Kelley, tenor
     Donald Boothman, baritone
     Laura Ahlbeck, oboe & English horn
     Donald Berman, piano
    1. Chor der Waisen (poem by Nelly Sachs)
    2. Mes yeux (poem by Berthe Wizenberg Fleischer)
    3. The Survivor (poem by Primo Levi)
    4. Fear (poem by Eva Pickova, d. 1944 in Theresienstadt)
    5. Der Ewige Segne und Behüte Dich! (poem by Miriam Merzbacher-Blumenthal)
    6. The Butterfly (poem by Pavel Friedmann, d. 1942 in Theresienstadt)
    7. Gedale's Song (poem by Primo Levi)
    8. On a Sunny Evening (anonymous child poet, Theresienstadt)
    9. Poème Macabre (poem by Francois Wetterwald)
    10. Love Poem (poem by Charlotte Delbo)
    Transport (from Testimony of Witnesses) (2006)
    On words by Theresienstadt survivor Else Dormitzer
    Surprised by Beauty
    Minimalism in Choral Music
    Brave Records
    Boston Secession
    Jane Ring Frank
    World Premiere : Sunday, Mar. 22 2009 3:00pm
    Harvard University: Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, MA


    Tilo Medek
    Tilo Medek
    Kindermesse zum Gedenken der im Dritten Reich ermordeten Kinder für Kinderchor a capella (1974)
    Nach der lateinischen Messe zum "Fest der heiligen unschuldigen Kinder"
    und Texten von Nelly Sachs, Volker von Törne, Eisik Fischer und Ilse Weber
    Rundfunk-Kinderchor Berlin
    Manfred Roost
    12 Juin 1995, Studio Berlin
    Musik In Deutschland 1950-2000 Vol.16
    Choral Works
    RCA 74321 73660-2 (5 CDs)
    YouTube 1ère partie
    YouTube 2ème partie



    Poslední motýl
    The Last Butterfly
    (Le Cri du Papillon)

    Film de Karel Kachyna (1993)
    d'après le roman "Les Enfants de Terezin" de Michael Jacot
    Musique de Alex North
    Varese Sarabande VSD 5287
    Varese Sarabande Club VCL 0703 1021
    Arrow Video (1997)
    Laser Disc (1994)
    Koch Vision Entertainment SHADV306 (2005)
    Alex North



    Tracy Pace
    War Music
    The Orchestra at Terezin



    Andy Pape
    I've Never Seen a Butterfly Here
    The Garden
    Yes, That's Just the Way Things Are
    The Butterfly
    The Mouse

    Works for Classical Accordion
    Geir Draugsvoll, accordion
    Lise-Lotte Nielsen, soprano
    Soren Kaas Claeson, violin
    Marco Polo (Dacapo) 8.224028



    Robert Desnos, Début 1945
     Poèmes de Robert Desnos
    (4 Juillet 1900, Paris - 8 juin 1945, Theresienstadt)
    Le 22 février 1944, Robert Desnos est arrêté par la Gestapo emmené rue des Saussaies puis incarcéré à Fresnes. Le 20 mars, il est transféré au camp de Royallieu à Compiègne
    (Le poème Sol de Compiègne est écrit au camp le 28 mars 1944) puis, en avril 1944, il est déporté au camp de Flöha (Flossenbürg) en Saxe où il arrive en juin, en passant par Auschwitz (30 avril) et Buchenwald (mai). Au printemps de 1945, devant la poussée des armées alliées, les S.S. déplacent les déportés d’un camp à l’autre. La dernière étape pour Desnos sera Terezin (photo). Le 3 mai 1945, les S.S. s’enfuient à l’arrivée des troupes soviétiques. Mais il est trop tard pour Robert Desnos. Il meurt le 8 juin, emporté par la misère, l’épuisement et le typhus.
    Le disparu (pub. 1947)
     Dernier Poème (pub. 1956)
     Musique de Francis Poulenc
    (7 janvier 1899, Paris, 30 janvier 1963, Paris)
     Gérard Souzay, baryton
     Dalton Baldwin, piano
     EMI CMS 7 64087(-91) 2
    Le Temps, L'Horloge
    Le dernier poème
    (retrouvé après la mort de Desnos, en 1945, au camp de Terezin)
    Musique de Henri Dutilleux (2006/2009)
    (22 janvier 1916, Angers, Maine-et-Loire)
    Renée Fleming, soprano
    Orchestre National de France
    Seiji Ozawa
    Decca 478 3500
    Cantate de l'Homme Op. 164
    Musique de Darius Milhaud
    Ensemble Erwartung, Bernard Desgraupes
    Anne Constantin, soprano
    Vincent Darras, haute-contre
    Hervé Lamy, ténor
    Laurent Naoury, baryton
    ADDA 581292
    La belle saison est proche
    Musiques de :
    Henry Barraud (1900 - 1997)
    Jean Wiener (1896 - 1982)
    Joseph Kosma (1905 - 1969)
    Francis Poulenc (1899 - 1963)
    Septembre 2005
    Maguelone 111.168
    Francis Poulenc Henri Dutilleux - Dessin de Remusat Darius Milhaud, 1937 Jean Wiener



    Ineditas Vol. 4 Érase que se era
    Silvio Rodriguez
    Dedicado a los niños judíos asesinados en ese campo de concentración nazi.



    Aaron Rosenthal
    Voices of Terezin
    I. To Olga
    II.  The Little Mouse
    III. The Butterfly
    Somewhere I have never traveled
    Coro Allegro
    David Hodgkins, Conductor

    Vojtech Saudek (1951-)
    Concerto pour piano et orchestre
    "Na paměť Gideona Kleina"
    "A la mémoire de Gideon Klein"
     Tomas Visek, piano 
     Brno State Philharmonic 
     Frantisek Babicky
    PANTON 811012-2

    Elliott Schwartz

    Renee Jolles, violin
    Brent Samuel, cello
    Blair McMillen, piano
    October 1998
    Town Hall, New York City, USA
    New World Records 80582-2



    Willy Schwarz
    Willy Schwarz
    Jewish Music Around The World
    Radio Bremen WS2003
    Als Ob
    Lyrics by Leo Strauss
    Music by Willy Schwarz


    Ronald Senator
    Holocaust Requiem
    Kaddish for Terezin

    Sur des Poèmes des enfants de Terezin

    I - Kyrie, El ra'hamim
    Lord have Mercy
    II - Kadosh, Sanctus
    III - The transports
    Mourner's Kaddish

    Bel Kaufman, narrator 
     Lydia Zakharenko, soprano 
     Jan Kratov, baritone 
     Joel Spiegelman, conductor 
     The Moscow Philharmonic Municipal Boys choir
     Yekaterinburg Yuloff State Chorus, 
     Stanislav D. Gusev, conductor
    Delos 1032

    Arie Shapira (1943, Kibbuz Affikim, Israel)
     Gustl in Theresienstadt
     Text: Yiddish
     Year of Composition: 1998-1999
     Duration: 8'

    Gideon Kleins Marterstrasse
    Mixed choir & chamber orchestra
    Text in Yiddish and German
    Year of Composition: 1990
    Duration: 5'

    Electronics Plus 
     Electro-Acoustic works 
     Midona-Orian. CD (IMI)
    "Electroacoustic Music. Vol. VII"
    Electro-Shock Records ELCD 026-027
    Moscow, Russia


    Beth Hatefutsoth BTR 902
    Mira Zakai, contralto

    Ben-Zion Orgad (1926-)
    The Personal Place
    pour contralto et 12 instrumentistes
    Poème du compositeur
    Musica Nova Consort
    Itai Talgam
    Haim Permont (1950-)
    Like The Leaden Sky Before It Rains
     pour contralto, choeur, piano et orchestra 
    Poème anonyme écrit pendant un concert donné
    par Gideon Klein
    "Un concert dans le grenier de l'ancienne école"
      Israel Kibbutz Choir
    Tel Aviv Symphony Orchestra
    Aver Itai
    Ruben Seroussi (1959-)
    A Victim from Terezin
    pour récitant, chanteur et 12 instruments
    d'après le journal de Egon Redlich
    Musica Nova Consort
    Leonti Wolf

    Song of an exile
    Word 701
    Myrrh MYRCD 1255

    My Heart  Shall Journey *
    WMD 001
    We Want To Live
    Eterna Dance Theatre
    Adrian Snell
    Myhrr MYRCD 1290
    Adrian Snell
    1. Roads to Zion (part 1) *
    2. The Song of an Exile (Shir Golah)
    3. Lament for Jerusalem (How Deserted Lies the city, Jeremiah 31:15)
    4. Terezin
    5. Fear *
    6. Roads to Zion (part 2) *
    7. God's beloved (Isaiah 49:14-18)
    8. If I Were *

    Jack Stamp

    Scenes from Terezin
    1. An Evening in Terezin
    2. Home
    3. I Am A Jew
    4. Birdsong

    North Texas Wind Symphony
    Eugene Migliaro Corporon, conductor

    Teaching Music through Performance in Band
    Resource Recordings Vol. 7 (CD-780)
    Grades 2-3
    GIA Publishing  CD776


    Robert Stern
    (1934- )
    Terezin pour soprano, violoncelle et piano
    To the Memory of the Children of Terezin
    1. Prologue: At terezin
    2. Interlude: Fantasy
    3. The Butterfly
    4. Interlude: Butterflies
    5. Yes, That's the Way the Things are
    6. Interlude: Freight train with people
    7. The Little Mouse
    8. To Olga
    9. Epilogue: I'd like to go Alone
    Paulina Stark (soprano)
    Steven Honigberg (violoncelle)
    Robert Stern (piano)
    Darkness and Light Vol. 4
    Albany Records 34061 0518 2
    Terezin pour soprano, violoncelle et piano
    Dorothy Ornest (soprano)
    Joel Krosnick (violoncelle)
    Robert Stern (piano)
    Composers Recordings, Inc. CRI SD 264
    Voices from Terezin
    for soprano and string quartet
    Naxos Milken Archives
    Digital Volume 19 (à paraitre)

    Max Stern (b.1947)
     Terezin Songs for Soprano, Flute, Oboe, Guitar and Cello
    (for Kristýna Valouskova and Musica Gaudeans)
     1- Zítra - Tomorrow
     2- Ptací písen - Birdsong
     3- Sama - Alone
     IMI MS 7
    ACUM © 2000


    Franz Waxman
    (1906 - 1967)
    Song of Terezin
    Sur des Poèmes des enfants de Terezin
    1. An einem sonnigen Abend (Anonyme)
    2. Versunken (Zdennek Ornest)
    3. Das Mäuschen (Koleba)
    4. Vogellied (Anonyme)
    5. Es ist Zeit (Alena Synkova-Munkova)
    6. Darchbodenkonzert in einer alten Schule (Anonyme)
    7. Der Garten (Franta Bass)
    8. Finale: Die Furcht (Eva Pickova)
    Della Jones, mezzo
    Rundfunk Kinderchor Berlin
    Rundfunk chor Berlin
    Rundfunk Sinfonieorchester Berlin
    Lawrence Foster
    No3 : The Little Mouse
    St. Clair Piano Trio
    Koch International Classics - 7398
    Decca 460211-2 No7 : Der Garten
    Decca Eloquence 476870 8
    No7 : Der Garten
    No 8 : Finale (Die Furcht
    MoMu Sampler II
    (Meisterwerke des 20.Jahrhunderts)
    Deutsche Grammophon 4428204 (2 CDs)
    No8 : Fear
    The Gürzenich Orchestra
    The Cologne Opera Chorus
    The Cologne Cathedral Children’s Choir
    Vladimir Ashkenazy
    DVD Opus Arte 669543

    Eric Zeisl
    Requiem Ebraico (Psaume 92)
    Dédié à la mémoire du père de Eric Zeisl, Siegmund, interné à Terezin
    puis déporté et assassiné à Treblinka
    Deborah Riedel, soprano
    Della Jones, mezzo
    Michael Kraus, baryton-basse
    Rundfunk chor Berlin
    Rundfunk Sinfonieorchester Berlin
    Lawrence Foster
    Decca 460211-2
    Gabriella Pace, soprano
    Luisa Francesconi, mezzo-soprano
    Rodrigo Esteves, baryton
    Choir of the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra
    São Paulo Symphony Orchestra
    John Neschling
    Bis CD 1650



    Voci da Terezin
    Ensemble G.Spontini

    2-3 Mai 2008, Chiesa di S. Maria in Polverina
    Poesies : “ I Bambini di Terezin, poesie e disegni dal lager” M..De Micheli, Edizioni Feltrinelli, Milano 1979
    Aulia 690261
    Francesca Virgili
      1. Pesanti Ruote della Memoria, per quintetto e voce recitante
      poesia: "Terezin" - Anonimo
      Voce recitante: Stefano De Bernardin, flauto: G. Corradetti, clarinetto : A.. Albanesi, pianoforte: M. Puca, contrabbasso: E. Macrini, percussioni: G. Damiani

      2. Fiorette, per quartetto
      Pianoforte : F. Virgili , Sax: C. Poli, contrabbasso: E. Antonimi, batteria: M. Celani

      3. Polvere tra le Stelle, per pianoforte solo
      Pianoforte : F. Virgili

    Francesco di Giovanni
      4. Concertino in La minore, per quintetto e voce recitante
      poesia: "Terezin" - Hanus Hachenburg (1929 - 1943)
      Voce recitante: Stefano De Bernardin, flauto: G. Corradetti, clarinetto: A. Albanesi, pianoforte: C. Spina, contrabbasso: E. Macrini: percussioni: G. Damiani

      5. Valzer d’Autunno, per quartetto di flauti
      Flauti : G. Corradetti, P.Puca, D. Mancini, A. Alfonsi

      6. Diario di Viaggio, per flauto solo
      Flauto : G. Corradetti

      Domenico Romano
      7. Oinas, per quintetto, soprano e voce recitante
      poesia: "Voi, nuvole grigio acciaio" - Hanus Hachenburg (1929 - 1943)
      Voce recitante: Stefano De Bernardin, soprano: M. Calia, pianoforte: E. Fioravanti , flauto: G. Corradetti, clarinetto: A. Albanesi, contrabbasso: E. Macrini, percussioni: G. Damiani, direttore: G. Di Giuseppe

      8. Musica per flauto e pianoforte op. 18
      Pianoforte: D. Romano, flauto: G. Corradetti

    Giuliano di Giuseppe
      9. Da Motivi , per pianoforte a quattro mani
    pianisti: L. D’Orazio, D. Romano